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The right steps for starting a diesel generator
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The starting of diesel generator is not so easy like you imagine, many new users of the diesel generator set there is a misunderstanding, if use improperly, will have a negative impact on diesel generating units. So the right of the diesel generator set to start the operation, we can operate according following steps.

1. Loosen the bleed screw on the fuel injection pump, remove the air from the fuel system with a fuel hand pump, and fix the adjustment handle at the throttle position at the appropriate starting speed.

2. Press the start button to start the diesel engine,like 10 seconds (up to 15 seconds) the diesel engine still can not start the fire, it should wait for a minute after the second start, if three times still cannot be in succession, you should check and find out cause of issue.

3. After the start of the diesel engine, should pay close attention to the oil pressure gauge reading (2.5-3.5kg / C ㎡ in normal operation), such as oil pressure gauge is not indicated, should immediately stop and do inspection and check the ammeter whether the charge instructions.

4. After the start of the unit, the no-load speed gradually increased to 1000-1200r / min, (note that no long time low-speed operation), the diesel engine preheating process, and then increase the speed to rated speed. When the water temperature reached 55 ℃, oil temperature reached 45 ℃, it is allowed to enter the full load operation.
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5. When the unit of the instrument instructions are normal, you can close the load switch to the load power, with the load changes, if the frequency and voltage is not within the specified range, the frequency and voltage should be adjusted to keep the rated value, It is forbidden to load the unit at low speed to avoid damage to the equipment.

6. After the normal operation of the unit, should always pay attention to observe the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure changes and power table, frequency table, ammeter, voltmeter readings, abnormalities should be promptly treated.

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