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The tips for change the oil for diesel generator
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How to properly replace diesel engine oil? This problem may be confusing a lot of users, Huaquan power will share the skills to replace diesel generators.

1, place the diesel generator set in a plane and start the engine for several minutes to raise the oil temperature and then stop the engine.

2, Remove the oil bolt (ie oil scale).

3, Below the engine put a basin, remove the oil drain, oil can be discharged from the crankshaft tank.

4, check the oil drain screws, seals and rubber band, if damaged, please replace immediately.

5. Replace the oil drain screw and tighten it.

6, Add the oil to the oil ruler grid grid on the location.


1, the generator unit in the initial use of 20 hours (or a month), should immediately replace the oil

2, For 1000 hours (or 6 months), you must replace the oil. (In the harsh environment need increase the number of times the viscosity of SAE10W30, API level of SG, SH, SJ or higher cleaning oil)

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